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Congrats to Ann Marie O’Leary who won the 2010 Galway Best Dressed wearing a Carol Kennelly Millinery Hat  more...Galway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races_2010.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1shapeimage_5_link_2shapeimage_5_link_3shapeimage_5_link_4shapeimage_5_link_5shapeimage_5_link_6shapeimage_5_link_7

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I was so honored that Carol Kennelly Millinery was named Irish Accessory Designer of the Year, at the Kerry Fashion Weekend Awards at the Brehon Hotel in Killarney. Click photo for full story

Well done to Joann Murphy from Kilgarvan, winner of best hat at the Dawn Daries Killarney Races Ladies’ Day on Thursday pictured here with the Judges Brendan Courtney and Lisa Fitzpatrick. Click Photo for full story

Lots of fab photos from the Galway Races Ladies’ DayGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races_2011.htmlshapeimage_10_link_0shapeimage_10_link_1
MOST CREATIVE HAT was won by Carol Kennelly at the Blossom Hill Ladies’ Day at the Dublin Horse Show at the RDS, on Thursday 4th of August 2011. Carol who runs Carol Kennelly Millinery in Tralee, designed her stunning headpiece herself. The prize for winner of the ‘Most Creative Hat’ will have the chance to have a hat designed by Michael Leong who was one of the judges along with Brendan Courtney and Sharon Corr. Click Photo for full storyGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlNews/Entries/2011/8/4_CKM_wins_creative_hat_at_Dublin_Horse_Show.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0shapeimage_12_link_1shapeimage_12_link_2shapeimage_12_link_3shapeimage_12_link_4shapeimage_12_link_5shapeimage_12_link_6shapeimage_12_link_7shapeimage_12_link_8shapeimage_12_link_9shapeimage_12_link_10shapeimage_12_link_11shapeimage_12_link_12shapeimage_12_link_13shapeimage_12_link_14shapeimage_12_link_15
New Spring Summer collection at Kerry fashion weekendNews/Entries/2012/4/12_New_Collection_at_Kerry_Fashion_Weekend.htmlNews/Entries/2012/4/12_New_Collection_at_Kerry_Fashion_Weekend.html
I launched my new Spring Summer 2012 collection at The 4th annual KFW Fashion Awards designer showcase at the Pavilion at Ballygarry House Hotel on Thursday night. Click photo for full storyGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlNews/Entries/2012/4/12_New_Collection_at_Kerry_Fashion_Weekend.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0shapeimage_15_link_1shapeimage_15_link_2shapeimage_15_link_3
Carol wins 2012 Hatty Award 
Hats and headpieces made to match any outfit.
Our specialities are Races Ladies Day and Wedding Headpieces 

Viewings by appointment. Please contact me at 
or my mobile +353 87 6507730 mailto:carol@carolkennellymillinery.comshapeimage_19_link_0
G hotel best hat competitionNews/Entries/2012/4/12_New_Collection_at_Kerry_Fashion_Weekend.htmlNews/Entries/2012/8/2_G_hotel_best_hat_competition.htmlshapeimage_20_link_0
The five-star g Hotel hosted the the most fabulous Galway Races after party. Anne-Marie Blennerhassett of Dublin won a beautiful Carol Kennelly headpiece, another winner wearing a Carol Kennelly Lady Gaga inspired piece was Louise Griffin of Claddagh, Galway walked away with a beautiful Fiona Mangan creation. Click photo to see moreGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlNews/Entries/2012/8/2_G_hotel_best_hat_competition.htmlshapeimage_21_link_0shapeimage_21_link_1shapeimage_21_link_2shapeimage_21_link_3shapeimage_21_link_4
Glamour and style at the 2012 Galway races ladies dayGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races_2012.htmlshapeimage_23_link_0shapeimage_23_link_1
THERE WAS FANTASTIC ATMOSPHERE AT THE 2012 Galway races ladies’ day, Pictured above are the eight Ladies wearing CKM who made it to the final 45 in the Anthony Ryan Galway Ladies Day  Click photo for full storyGalway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlshapeimage_24_link_0
Joann Murphy wins Best Hat at the Dublin Horse Show 2012Galway_Races.htmlGalway_Races.htmlNews/Entries/2012/8/16_Joann_wins_best_hat_at_the_horse_show.htmlshapeimage_26_link_0shapeimage_26_link_1
Congrats to Joann Murphy who won most Creative hat wearing a Carol Kennelly Millinery Red butterfly headpiece at the Blossom Hill Ireland Ladies’ Day at the Dublin Horse Show at the RDS. Joann was wearing a Diva dress. Over 500 ladies competed in the event. Click the photo to see more
Models wearing Carol Kennelly Millinery headpieces at the Kerry Fashion Weekend designer new collection fashion show on Friday night at the Carlton hotel Tralee. 
The event was a huge success with all fashion shows and the Gala awards show sold out.
Click the photo to see more
Kerry Fashion weekend a huge successNews/Entries/2012/4/12_New_Collection_at_Kerry_Fashion_Weekend.htmlNews/Entries/2012/4/12_New_Collection_at_Kerry_Fashion_Weekend.htmlNews/Entries/2012/4/12_New_Collection_at_Kerry_Fashion_Weekend.htmlshapeimage_30_link_0shapeimage_30_link_1shapeimage_30_link_2
Congratulations to Sonia Kelly who was a finalist in the "Creative Hat" category today at the Dubai World Cup. Well done Sonia, hat by Carol Kennelly, and I haven't stopped smiling since!!!! Click the photo to see more
CKM hats at the Dubai world cup ladies dayshapeimage_33_link_0shapeimage_33_link_1shapeimage_33_link_2shapeimage_33_link_3
The sixth Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby which was staged at the Curragh Racecourse, Co. Kildare, Ireland was a triumphant success. Four ladies wearing Carol Kennelly Millinery headpieces made it in to the final ten in the ladies day competition, they were Elaine Kelleher, Claire Murphy, Gem Harrison and Avril O’Flynn.
Four finalists at the 2013 Dubai duty free ladies dayNews/Entries/2013/6/29_CKM_pre_Galway_Races_showcase_2.htmlshapeimage_35_link_0
Killorglin designer Tina Griffin won the Dawn Milk Most Stylish Hat competition wearing a Carol Kennelly Millinery headpiece at Killarney Races ladies’ day. Tina won a fantastic trip for two to Milan and a specially commissioned vase. Click the photos to see moreNews/Entries/2013/7/18_Tina_wins_best_hat_in_Killarney_wearing_CKM.html
Tina wins best hat at 2013  Killarney races wearing CKM    News/Entries/2013/7/18_Tina_wins_best_hat_in_Killarney_wearing_CKM.htmlNews/Entries/2013/7/18_Tina_wins_best_hat_in_Killarney_wearing_CKM.htmlshapeimage_39_link_0
I was delighted to win 2013 Darley Irish Oaks ladies’ day in glorious sunshine today. My outfit was designed by Tina Griffin Designs from Killorglin who was also at the Curragh. My hat I which designed myself was a large multicoloured striped disc with orchids on one side. Click the photos to see more  News/Entries/2013/7/20_Carol_scoops_the_Darley_Oaks_ladies_day.html
Carol wins best dressed at the CurraghNews/Entries/2013/7/20_Carol_scoops_the_Darley_Oaks_ladies_day.htmlNews/Entries/2013/7/20_Carol_scoops_the_Darley_Oaks_ladies_day.htmlshapeimage_41_link_0
Joann Murphy from Kilgarvan was chosen as the best hat in the g hotel hat competition after the Galway races on Thursday. Joanne was wearing a dramatic ivory plastic resin headpiece inspired by the dahlia flower. Click the photos to see more  News/Entries/2013/7/20_Carol_scoops_the_Darley_Oaks_ladies_day.html
Joann bags a Philip Treacy hat at the gNews/Entries/2013/8/1_Joann_bags_a_Philip_Treacy_hat_at_the_g.htmlNews/Entries/2013/8/1_Joann_bags_a_Philip_Treacy_hat_at_the_g.htmlNews/Entries/2013/7/20_Carol_scoops_the_Darley_Oaks_ladies_day.htmlshapeimage_47_link_0shapeimage_47_link_1
The winner of the Anthony Ryan’s Best Dressed Lady Competition on Ladies’ Day at the Galway Races has been named as Rachelle Guiry from Newcastle West, Co. Limerick. She wore a Grace Kelly inspired vintage baby blue lace dress with sheer panel on the top. It was accessorized with a Carol Kennelly designed net and pearl hat, with cream flowers.
Click the photos to see more  Galway_Races_2013.html
Rachelle wins the big one at Galway RacesGalway_Races_2013.htmlGalway_Races_2013.htmlshapeimage_49_link_0
Tralee-born Annmarie Blennerhasset (32) was a popular winner of the Best Dressed Lady prize at today’s Dublin Horse Show. Annmarie wore a vintage dress bought on etsy  and her white and sage hat was designed by Carol Kennelly Millinery. Mags Healy and Carol Kennelly also made it to the final ten wearing CKM hats.  Click the photos to see more  News/Entries/2013/8/8_Annmarie_wins_best_dressed_at_horseshow.htmlNews/Entries/2013/8/8_Annmarie_wins_best_dressed_at_horseshow.htmlNews/Entries/2013/8/8_Annmarie_wins_best_dressed_at_horseshow.htmlNews/Entries/2013/8/8_Annmarie_wins_best_dressed_at_horseshow.htmlNews/Entries/2013/8/8_Annmarie_wins_best_dressed_at_horseshow.htmlNews/Entries/2013/8/8_Annmarie_wins_best_dressed_at_horseshow.htmlNews/Entries/2013/7/20_Carol_scoops_the_Darley_Oaks_ladies_day.htmlshapeimage_54_link_0shapeimage_54_link_1shapeimage_54_link_2shapeimage_54_link_3shapeimage_54_link_4shapeimage_54_link_5
Annmarie wins best dressed at the Horse show News/Entries/2013/8/8_Annmarie_wins_best_dressed_at_horseshow.htmlNews/Entries/2013/8/8_Annmarie_wins_best_dressed_at_horseshow.htmlshapeimage_55_link_0

Tralee Milliner Carol Kennelly talks to Xposes Aisling O'Loughlin about successes

Carol features on TV3s Xpose
Well done to Vicky Jenkinson who was crowned 'Best Dressed Lady Racegoer' at York Ebor today she won a holiday for two in Dubai as well as entry to the Dubai World Cup Race Night.Click the photo to see more  News/Entries/2013/8/22_Vicky_wins_a_holiday_for_two_to_Dubai_at_York.html
Vicky wins a Dubai holiday for two at York EborNews/Entries/2013/8/22_Vicky_wins_a_holiday_for_two_to_Dubai_at_York.htmlNews/Entries/2013/8/22_Vicky_wins_a_holiday_for_two_to_Dubai_at_York.htmlNews/Entries/2013/8/22_Vicky_wins_a_holiday_for_two_to_Dubai_at_York.htmlNews/Entries/2013/8/22_Vicky_wins_a_holiday_for_two_to_Dubai_at_York.htmlNews/Entries/2013/8/22_Vicky_wins_a_holiday_for_two_to_Dubai_at_York.htmlshapeimage_60_link_0shapeimage_60_link_1shapeimage_60_link_2shapeimage_60_link_3

All of my Hats and Headpieces are my own unique designs. They are hand sewn and created using the highest quality materials. Each creation can take up to Twenty hours to complete.

Fabulous Unique Creative Designs

Carol Kennelly Has been named Kerry Designer of the Year at Kerry Fashion Week at the hotel Europe in Killarney. Carol launched her collection on with 16 new pieces. Click the photos to see more  See all the hats here  and see video above.News/Entries/2013/8/8_Annmarie_wins_best_dressed_at_horseshow.htmlNews/Entries/2013/8/8_Annmarie_wins_best_dressed_at_horseshow.htmlNews/Entries/2013/8/8_Annmarie_wins_best_dressed_at_horseshow.htmlNews/Entries/2013/8/8_Annmarie_wins_best_dressed_at_horseshow.htmlShop.htmlNews/Entries/2014/3/7_New_collection_launched_at_KFW.htmlshapeimage_61_link_0shapeimage_61_link_1shapeimage_61_link_2shapeimage_61_link_3shapeimage_61_link_4
Carol is Kerry designer of the year at Kerry Fashion WeekNews/Entries/2014/3/7_New_collection_launched_at_KFW.htmlshapeimage_62_link_0
All the action from the 140th Kentucky Derby and OaksNews/Entries/2014/5/3_Carol_makes_a_splash_at_the_Kentucky_Derby.htmlNews/Entries/2014/5/3_Carol_makes_a_splash_at_the_Kentucky_Derby.htmlNews/Entries/2014/5/3_Carol_makes_a_splash_at_the_Kentucky_Derby.htmlNews/Entries/2014/5/3_Carol_makes_a_splash_at_the_Kentucky_Derby.htmlNews/Entries/2014/5/3_Carol_makes_a_splash_at_the_Kentucky_Derby.htmlNews/Entries/2014/5/3_Carol_makes_a_splash_at_the_Kentucky_Derby.htmlshapeimage_65_link_0shapeimage_65_link_1shapeimage_65_link_2shapeimage_65_link_3shapeimage_65_link_4
I travelled to Louisville to see the Kentucky Derby and Oaks, the epicentre of hat wearing in America It was an amazing spectacle. Click on the photos to see moreNews/Entries/2014/5/3_Carol_makes_a_splash_at_the_Kentucky_Derby.htmlNews/Entries/2014/5/3_Carol_makes_a_splash_at_the_Kentucky_Derby.htmlNews/Entries/2014/5/3_Carol_makes_a_splash_at_the_Kentucky_Derby.htmlNews/Entries/2014/5/3_Carol_makes_a_splash_at_the_Kentucky_Derby.htmlNews/Entries/2014/5/3_Carol_makes_a_splash_at_the_Kentucky_Derby.htmlNews/Entries/2014/5/3_Carol_makes_a_splash_at_the_Kentucky_Derby.htmlNews/Entries/2014/5/3_Carol_makes_a_splash_at_the_Kentucky_Derby.htmlshapeimage_66_link_0shapeimage_66_link_1shapeimage_66_link_2shapeimage_66_link_3shapeimage_66_link_4shapeimage_66_link_5

First win of the year is at the Iroquois Steeplechase in Nashville

Memorie K White who won Best Hat at the Iroquois Steeplechase in Nashville Tennessee on the 10th May wearing a red jewelled Brooke by Carol Kennelly Millinery

Tina in the Final at the Curragh Guinneas 2014

Well done to Tina Griffin who was selected for the final five at ladies Day wearing a Carol Kennelly Millinery hat and Tina Griffin Designs dress at the Guineas Spring Racing festival at the Curragh on May 25th 2014

Amazing Ascot

Chantelle McCoy (on right) looking amazing wearing a Carol Kennelly millinery hat at Ascot yesterday pictured with Michelle Moone

ABOVE: Sam Lewis with one of the Queens guard

CKM in IMAGE Milliners Feature

Pam shines at the Dubai World Cup

The stunning Pam Lynch (on left) who made it to the final in Longines Best Dressed competition at the Dubai World Cup in March Wearing Carol Kennelly Millinery headpiece.

FINALISTS! Annmarie Blennerhassett, Carol Kennelly and Pam Edwards wearing a Carol Kennelly Millinery hats three of the six finalists at the Dubai Duty Free Ladies Day at the Irish Derby at the Curragh on the 28th June 2014.

Three out of Six finalists for the €20,000 Dubai Duty Free Derby

Congratulations to Louise Allen from Slane, Co Meath, who won the Lyrath Estate Hotel, Kilkenny Summer Ladies Day at Fairyhouse Racecourse. Louise was wearing a Pink Kelsey hat by Carol Kennelly Millinery. Click on photos to se more

Louise Allen is the star of the show at Fairyhouse Best DressedNews/Entries/2014/7/13_Louise_is_the_star_of_the_show_at_Fairyhouse.htmlNews/Entries/2014/7/13_Louise_is_the_star_of_the_show_at_Fairyhouse.htmlshapeimage_72_link_0

Killarney racecourse was a riot of colour on Thursday as thousands of ladies vied for the coveted title of Queen of Fashion stakes on Ladies Day at Killarney Races.

Click on photos to see more photos and report

Killarney sizzles with hot summer fashion News/Entries/2014/7/17_Killarney_sizzles_with_hot_summer_fashion.htmlNews/Entries/2014/7/17_Killarney_sizzles_with_hot_summer_fashion.htmlshapeimage_78_link_0

Congrats to Rachelle Guiry who has just won the best dressed wearing a Carol Kennelly Millinery headpiece at the Darley Irish Oaks at the Curragh Today!!

Click on photos to see more photos and report

Rachelle wins a luxury holiday to FranceNews/Entries/2014/7/19_Rachelle_wins_a_luxury_holiday_to_France.htmlNews/Entries/2014/7/19_Rachelle_wins_a_luxury_holiday_to_France.htmlshapeimage_80_link_0

Five ladies were chosen as finalists at the 2014 Anthony Ryan Galway Races Ladies Day here they are pictured above from left Caroline Madden, Dublin, Niamh Cronin, Killarney, Stacey O'Leary, Killarney, Mary Stapleton, Tralee and Annmarie Blennerhasset, Dublin

Click on photos to see more photos and report

Galway Races Ladies day is the worlds Biggest fashion show Galway_Races_2014.htmlGalway_Races_2014.htmlshapeimage_85_link_0

Congrats to Catriona Sayers who won best dressed last night at Menlo Park hotel after Galway Races Ladies day, her was an amazing 600 euro diamond pendant and a beautiful bouquet of flowers

Biggest ever G hotel hat compNews/Entries/2014/7/31_Biggest_ever_G_hotel_best_Hat_Competition.html

There was a massive turnout for the G hotel Hat competition after the Galway Races ladies day. The standard of millinery has steadily improved over the past few years and this one was the most competitive yet

Click on photo to see more photos and report

Caitriona wins best dressed at Menlo Park Galway races After party

Milliner Carol Kennelly has been named the Blossom Hill Ladies Day Best Dressed prize for 2014 at the Dublin Horse Show. Video above.

Click on photos to see more photos and report

Carol wins best dressed at the Horse ShowNews/Entries/2014/8/7_Carol_is_best_dressed_at_Horse_Show.htmlNews/Entries/2014/8/7_Carol_is_best_dressed_at_Horse_Show.htmlshapeimage_91_link_0
Carol shortlisted for the IMAGE Businesswoman of the YearNews/Entries/2014/11/15_Carol_shortlisted_for_IMAGE_business_award.htmlNews/Entries/2014/11/15_Carol_shortlisted_for_IMAGE_business_award.htmlNews/Entries/2014/11/15_Carol_shortlisted_for_IMAGE_business_award.htmlshapeimage_94_link_0shapeimage_94_link_1

It has been quite the year for Carol Kennelly Millinery, as I celebrate my fourth year in business. I was chosen as Kerry Designer of the Year at Kerry Fashion Week in March. I won best dressed at the Dublin Horse Show in August. My hats have also won prizes for ladies as far afield as Nashville, the Curragh, Fairyhouse, Tralee and Galway, as well as being in countless horse racing best dressed finals.

Click photos to see Press release and full shortlist.

Delighted to be featured in  IMAGE Magazine Ireland in their "From the Top" feature on Irish Millinery, beautiful photos by Naomi Gaffey, Interview by Lizzie Gore Grimes. Also featured were Mark T Burke Millinery, MarthaLynnMillinery, Laura Kinsella Millinery, Catherine Cooke Millinery and Elizabeth Fanagan.

Aideen Bodkin launches SS15 with Carol Kennelly MillineryNews/Entries/2015/1/18_Aideen_Bodkin_SS15_with_CKM.htmlNews/Entries/2015/1/18_Aideen_Bodkin_SS15_with_CKM.htmlNews/Entries/2015/1/18_Aideen_Bodkin_SS15_with_CKM.htmlshapeimage_96_link_0shapeimage_96_link_1

Delighted to have some of my hats featured in Aideen Bodkin's launch of her Spring Summer collection in todays Sunday Independent's Life magazine. Congrats Aideen your new collection looks spectacular. Full list of credits below, congrats to all involved.

Click photos to see credits

Helen is Best dressed at the Gold CupNews/Entries/2015/2/8_Helen_is_Best_dressed_at_the_Gold_Cup.htmlNews/Entries/2015/2/8_Helen_is_Best_dressed_at_the_Gold_Cup.htmlNews/Entries/2015/2/8_Helen_is_Best_dressed_at_the_Gold_Cup.htmlshapeimage_97_link_0shapeimage_97_link_1
New styles launched at Kerry Fashion WeekNews/Entries/2015/3/7_New_styles_launched_at_Kerry_Fashion_Week.htmlNews/Entries/2015/3/7_New_styles_launched_at_Kerry_Fashion_Week.htmlNews/Entries/2015/3/7_New_styles_launched_at_Kerry_Fashion_Week.htmlNews/Entries/2015/3/7_New_styles_launched_at_Kerry_Fashion_Week.htmlNews/Entries/2015/3/7_New_styles_launched_at_Kerry_Fashion_Week.htmlshapeimage_99_link_0shapeimage_99_link_1shapeimage_99_link_2shapeimage_99_link_3
Carol in the final at the Dubai World world cupNews/Entries/2015/3/28_Carol_in_the_final_at_the_Dubai_World_world_cup.htmlNews/Entries/2015/3/28_Carol_in_the_final_at_the_Dubai_World_world_cup.htmlNews/Entries/2015/3/28_Carol_in_the_final_at_the_Dubai_World_world_cup.htmlNews/Entries/2015/3/28_Carol_in_the_final_at_the_Dubai_World_world_cup.htmlNews/Entries/2015/3/28_Carol_in_the_final_at_the_Dubai_World_world_cup.htmlshapeimage_100_link_0shapeimage_100_link_1shapeimage_100_link_2shapeimage_100_link_3
Caroline wins a trip to Abu DhabiNews/Entries/2015/7/3_Caroline_wins_a_trip_to_Abu_Dhabi.htmlNews/Entries/2015/7/3_Caroline_wins_a_trip_to_Abu_Dhabi.htmlNews/Entries/2015/7/3_Caroline_wins_a_trip_to_Abu_Dhabi.htmlNews/Entries/2015/7/3_Caroline_wins_a_trip_to_Abu_Dhabi.htmlshapeimage_101_link_0shapeimage_101_link_1shapeimage_101_link_2

2015 Spring Summer collection from Carol Kennelly Millinery launched at Kerry Fashion Week Gala Fashion Show at the Five Star Hotel Europe in Killarney. All the vintage dresses are by Dirty Fabulous in Dublin.

Click photos to see more

Helen Quealy Murphy has won best dressed lady at the Hennessy Cognac Ireland Gold Cup at Leopardstown Racecourse wearing a black Jayne Carol Kennelly Millinery headpiece. Congratulations Helen, you looked amazing, such a deserving winner.

Click photos to see more

Claire Murphy from Banna, County Kerry who was selected as one of the five finalists at the 150th Irish Derby at the Curragh. Claire is pictured here wearing a Tina Griffin Designed dress and a Carol Kennelly Millinery headpiece. winner is Lorraine O Sullivan from Limerick.

Click photos to see more

Well done to Caroline Hassett, the winner of the Globe Travel best dressed ladies competition at Bellewstown Raceswearing a Carol Kennelly Millinery headpiece and dress which she rented at Covet, in the Powerscourt Centre. Click photo to see more

Delighted to have been chosen as one of the ten finalists in the most creative hat category at the Jaguar Style Stakes at the Dubai World Cup! My fabulous dress is by Tina Griffin Designs

Click photos to see more

Claire shines at the 150th Irish DerbyNews/Entries/2015/6/27_Claire_shines_at_the_150th_Irish_Derby.htmlNews/Entries/2015/6/27_Claire_shines_at_the_150th_Irish_Derby.htmlNews/Entries/2015/6/27_Claire_shines_at_the_150th_Irish_Derby.htmlNews/Entries/2015/6/27_Claire_shines_at_the_150th_Irish_Derby.htmlshapeimage_103_link_0shapeimage_103_link_1shapeimage_103_link_2
Elaine and Eva in final four at KillarneyNews/Entries/2015/7/16_Elaine_and_Eva_in_final_four_at_Killarney.htmlNews/Entries/2015/7/16_Elaine_and_Eva_in_final_four_at_Killarney.htmlNews/Entries/2015/7/16_Elaine_and_Eva_in_final_four_at_Killarney.htmlNews/Entries/2015/7/16_Elaine_and_Eva_in_final_four_at_Killarney.htmlNews/Entries/2015/7/16_Elaine_and_Eva_in_final_four_at_Killarney.htmlshapeimage_106_link_0shapeimage_106_link_1shapeimage_106_link_2shapeimage_106_link_3
Linda wins best hat at the Horse ShowNews/Entries/2015/8/6_Horse_SHow.htmlNews/Entries/2015/8/6_Horse_SHow.htmlNews/Entries/2015/8/6_Horse_SHow.htmlNews/Entries/2015/8/6_Horse_SHow.htmlNews/Entries/2015/8/6_Horse_SHow.htmlshapeimage_107_link_0shapeimage_107_link_1shapeimage_107_link_2shapeimage_107_link_3
Aideen Bodkin AW15 photoshootNews/Entries/2015/9/27_Aideen_Bodkin.htmlNews/Entries/2015/9/27_Aideen_Bodkin.htmlNews/Entries/2015/9/27_Aideen_Bodkin.htmlNews/Entries/2015/9/27_Aideen_Bodkin.htmlshapeimage_108_link_0shapeimage_108_link_1shapeimage_108_link_2

Eva Hayes and Elaine Kelleher have made it to the last four finalists at Killarney Races, both ladies are wearing Carol Kennelly Millinery, Elaine's dress is by Tina Griffin Designs.

Click photo to see more

So delighted to be part of the Inaugural ireland fashion showcase along with such talented designers such as Heidi Higgins, Úna Burke, House of Delphine, jennifer Rothwell, etc

Click photo to see more

I was delighted to be involved with the Aideen Bodkin AW15 photoshoot foe her amazing collection, thanks so much to Bairbre Power for giving it such a great spread in the Irish Independant Weekend magazine.

Click photo to see more

I was thrilled that Linda Morrison has won most creative hat at the Dublin Horse show Ladies Day wearing a Carol Kennelly Millinery Headpiece.

Click photo to see more

Ireland fashion showcase in New YorkNews/Entries/2015/9/10_New_York.htmlNews/Entries/2015/9/10_New_York.htmlNews/Entries/2015/9/10_New_York.htmlNews/Entries/2015/9/10_New_York.htmlNews/Entries/2015/9/10_New_York.htmlshapeimage_109_link_0shapeimage_109_link_1shapeimage_109_link_2shapeimage_109_link_3
Carol wins a luxury stay at Monart SpaNews/Entries/2015/12/28_Monart_Spa.htmlNews/Entries/2015/12/28_Monart_Spa.htmlNews/Entries/2015/12/28_Monart_Spa.htmlNews/Entries/2015/12/28_Monart_Spa.htmlshapeimage_110_link_0shapeimage_110_link_1shapeimage_110_link_2

I was thrilled to have some of my new collection of headpieces featured in the Weekend supplement of the Irish Independent by fashion editor Bairbre Power

Click photo to see more

I was so delighted to have won the Monart Spa ladies day at the Christmas Ladies Day at Leopardstown race meeting. There was wonderful festive atmosphere with 17,000 people watching the racing as well as the fashion stakes.

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Irish Independent features KFW winnersNews/Entries/2016/3/1_Irish_Independent_features_KFW_winners.htmlNews/Entries/2016/3/1_Irish_Independent_features_KFW_winners.htmlNews/Entries/2016/3/1_Irish_Independent_features_KFW_winners.htmlNews/Entries/2016/3/1_Irish_Independent_features_KFW_winners.htmlNews/Entries/2016/3/1_Irish_Independent_features_KFW_winners.htmlshapeimage_111_link_0shapeimage_111_link_1shapeimage_111_link_2shapeimage_111_link_3
Elaine and Stacy in final ten at the Galway RacesGalway_Races_2015.htmlGalway_Races_2015.htmlGalway_Races_2015.htmlGalway_Races_2015.htmlGalway_Races_2015.htmlshapeimage_114_link_0shapeimage_114_link_1shapeimage_114_link_2shapeimage_114_link_3

Well done to Louise Allen has won the The g Hotel Galway best hat competition wearing a Carol Kennelly Millinery silver Pegasus headpiece her prize is a €5,000 Philip Treacy headpiece.  Well done Louise, you looked amazing!

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Stacy O'Leary and Elaine Kelleher, were selected for the final Ten in the at the Kilkenny Shop #GalwayRaces Best Dressed wearing a Carol Kennelly Millinery Headpieces.

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Louise Allen wins best hat at the GNews/Entries/2015/7/30_Louise_Allen_wins_best_hat_at_the_G.htmlNews/Entries/2015/7/30_Louise_Allen_wins_best_hat_at_the_G.htmlNews/Entries/2015/7/30_Louise_Allen_wins_best_hat_at_the_G.htmlNews/Entries/2015/7/30_Louise_Allen_wins_best_hat_at_the_G.htmlshapeimage_115_link_0shapeimage_115_link_1shapeimage_115_link_2
Carol crowned Milliner of the year at Kerry Fashion WeekNews/Entries/2016/3/17_CKM_Irish_Milliner_of_the_Year_2016_at_KFW.htmlNews/Entries/2016/3/17_CKM_Irish_Milliner_of_the_Year_2016_at_KFW.htmlNews/Entries/2016/3/17_CKM_Irish_Milliner_of_the_Year_2016_at_KFW.htmlNews/Entries/2016/3/17_CKM_Irish_Milliner_of_the_Year_2016_at_KFW.htmlNews/Entries/2016/3/17_CKM_Irish_Milliner_of_the_Year_2016_at_KFW.htmlshapeimage_121_link_0shapeimage_121_link_1shapeimage_121_link_2shapeimage_121_link_3

I am so honored to be chosen as Irish Milliner of the Year for 2016 at KFW Irish Fashion Industry Awards.

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IRISH MILLINER OF THE YEAR 2016News/Entries/2016/3/17_CKM_Irish_Milliner_of_the_Year_2016_at_KFW.html

New mum Eva Hayes Morrissey from Castleroy, Co. Limerick was named Most Stylish Lady at the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby in The Curragh on Saturday.

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Eva wins a trip to Dubai and DiamondsNews/Entries/2016/7/14_Eva_wins_a_trip_to_Dubai_and_Diamonds.htmlNews/Entries/2016/7/14_Eva_wins_a_trip_to_Dubai_and_Diamonds.htmlNews/Entries/2016/7/14_Eva_wins_a_trip_to_Dubai_and_Diamonds.htmlNews/Entries/2016/7/14_Eva_wins_a_trip_to_Dubai_and_Diamonds.htmlNews/Entries/2016/7/14_Eva_wins_a_trip_to_Dubai_and_Diamonds.htmlshapeimage_124_link_0shapeimage_124_link_1shapeimage_124_link_2shapeimage_124_link_3
Claire wins €10,000 at the Dublin Horse ShowNews/Entries/2015/11/18_Linda_Morrison_Fairyhouse.htmlNews/Entries/2016/7/21_Claire_wins_10,000_at_the_Horse_Show.htmlshapeimage_126_link_0

Claire Murphy from Tralee, Co. Kerry was deemed the Best Dressed Lady at the RDS Horse Show Ladies Day. 

Sponsored by Dundrum Town Centre, this year’s prize was €10,000 worth of Dundrum Town Centre vouchers – the dream for any fashion fan. Wearing a mint green headpiece by Kerry milliner and former Best Dressed winner Carol Kennelly.

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Sarah Weston who won Best Dressed at Newmarket Racecourse in the U.K wearing Carol Kennelly Millinery. Among Sarah's fabulous prizes is an amazing trip to Kenya.

Kate Griffiths who won the 2016 Millinery Award at Cairns Amateurs in Australia. Kate is wearing the "Lori" headpiece by Carol Kennelly Millinery.

Kathleen Kenneally who won at the Dressage at Devon Fall Ladies Hat Contest wearing Carol Kennelly Millinery at The Devon Horse Show in Pennsylvania USA

Louise Allen winning McElligott's Tralee Ltd. Ladies Day at Listowel Races who won first prize of €3,000 going to Louise Allen of Co Meath, for a designer dress bought on eBay and a Carol Kennelly Millinery Headpiece

Hat contest win in the USA

Louise wins €3,000 cash at Listowel

Kate wins Millinery award in Australia

Chelsea Mesa winner of the LONGINES Prize for Elegance at the Breeders' Cup World Championships in California on Saturday 5th November. Chelsea has finished her beautiful monochrome outfit with a polkadot Carol Kennelly Millinery "Rita" hat. Enjoy your beautiful Longines watch Chelsea

Chelsea wins Longines Prize for Elegance at the Breeders Cup